DermaPen San Antonio

DermaPen San Antonio

DermaPen San AntonioDr. Anand Shah, a board-certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, is proud to announce the arrival of a new and exciting technology in his practice: DermaPen. Dr. Shah will be performing this newest breakthrough in facial rejuvenation at Dr. Shah Plastic Surgery in San Antonio.

The DermaPen in San Antonio is a controlled, electronic device that vertically pierces the skin using multiple fine, sterile needles. This helps to induce a collagen response and rejuvenate the face. DermaPen technology is precisely controlled to penetrate the skin while minimizing excess damage to the outer skin layers. Additional advantages are that Dermapen is generally safe in all skin types, and there is little to no downtime afterwards.

DermaPen San Antonio

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DermaPen verses Dermal Rollers


Unlike DermaPen San Antonio, dermal rolling requires sloped and curved insertion of needles into the epidermis which can cause bleeding, pain, and longer recovery time. It is difficult to use around delicate facial features.


DermaPen’s multiple needles vertically stamp the epidermis, penetrating all skin types, textures and pigments without the risk of bending, breaking, or causing more epidural damage. It easily maneuvers around all delicate facial contours and features.