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Botox™, Xeomin™ and Dysport™ are very popular cosmetic interventions.

Botox™, Xeomin™ and Dysport™ are all forms of Botulinum. Botulinum works to prevent facial lines and wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscles. Technique is critical, and the treatment must be tailored to the individual patient. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Shah has a precise knowledge of the facial muscle anatomy. During your consultation, Dr. Shah will assess your individual facial anatomy and determine the best injection plan for you. Dr. Shah performs all treatments.

Botox™ treatments are effective for the “crow’s feet” around the eyes, forehead lines, and the vertical furrows between the eyebrows. There is essentially no discomfort or “down-time”. The effects usually last 3-6 months and may be repeated.

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Botox™ Before and After Photos

Botox™ used to smooth the glabella (area between the brows) and forehead:

Botox San AntonioBotox San AntonioBotox San AntonioSan Antonio Botox

Botox™ used to smooth the “crow’s feet” around the eyes:

San Antonio BotoxSan Antonio BotoxSan Antonio BotoxSan Antonio Botox

Question: How is Botox™ prepared?

Botox™ arrives in powder form. Dr. Shah then reconstitutes the Botox&trade in San Antonio; with a specific amount of sterile saline solution. Consistent and precise reconstitution of the Botox™ powder is critical.

Question: Will Dr. Shah perform my Botox™ treatment?

Yes. Dr. Shah performs all injections.

Question: Will my treatment to individualized to me?

Yes. This is critical. The treatment must be tailored to each patient’s individual facial muscle contraction pattern. During your consultation with Dr. Shah, these patterns, as well as your individual requirements, will be carefully analyzed and discussed.

Question: How long before results are visible.

Generally speaking, Botox™ San Antonio requires three to five days to achieve efficacy.

Question: How long does Botox™ last?

There is of course variability between patients. Generally speaking, Botox™ lasts 3-4 months. In some patients, the effect may last longer; others may see the Botox™ “wear off” more quickly.

Question: How does Botox™ work on wrinkles?

The upper 1/3 of the face (i.e. forehead, area between the brows, and crow’s feet) is where neuromodulators such as Botox™ do very well. Botoxtrade; improves “dynamic” wrinkles by temporarily weakening the underlying muscles that are responsible.

Question: Which muscles are targeted?

Generally speaking, a complete Botox™ treatment targets the following muscles: corrugator, procerus, frontalis and orbicularis oculi.

Question: Can Botox™ be reversed?

Unfortunately, Botox™ cannot be “reversed”. There are eyedrops available that may alleviate certain effects, such as droopy eyelid (albeit via a different mechanism). Ultimately, the Botox™ “wears off” with time.

Question: Botox™ for a Brow Lift

Botox™ works by temporarily weakening muscles in the face. By selectively targeting the muscles that depress the brow (i.e. corrugator and procerus) it may be possible to achieve a small amount of brow lift (also known as “chemical browlift”.

Question: Botox™ for the Glabella (area between the brows)?

Neuromodulators such as Botox™ are effective in the upper 1/3 of the face, in the treatment of “dynamic lines” (lines caused by underlying muscle contractions). Botox™ temporarily weakens the muscles responsible for the lines between the brows (“number 11” sign).

Question: Can Botox™ help with “Bunny Lines”?

Yes. Bunny lines, or wrinkles on the nose, are due to contraction of the underlying nasalis muscle. Botox™ may be used to relax the nasalis muscle and smooth these lines.

Question: Can you Botox™ lips to get a plumper lip?

No. Botox™ works well in the upper third of the face, in the management of “dynamic” wrinkles (wrinkles caused by underlying muscle contractions). For example, Botox™ is effective in smoothing forehead lines.

On the other hand, facial fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, are used to plump the lips.

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